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December 2009: Basic Markdown

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Page formatting is based on Markdown. Page uses Markdown. Markdown is based on the long standing conventions from the past 30 years of email and newsgroup exchanges. So if you've been around the block, there is nothing new to learn. If you really want, you can also use regular old HTML instead.

anon (2009-10-06-05-06-49-486)

Maybe add some linkage.


How do I make links?

[text label for the link](http://example.com/page.html)

## How do I make italics or bold text? Use *single asterisks* for italic, and **double asterisks** for bold.

## How do I start a new paragraph? Press enter twice, leaving a blank line.

## How do I make big headings? # Start a line with a '#' sign.

## How do I make smaller headings? ### Start the line with two or more '#' signs.